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Horticulture Hydrotherapy for the 21st Century


What Real Plant Water with E2 Technology Does For Your Plants

  • real-water-plant-water-gallon-container.jpgReal Plant Water is recommended for both indoor and outdoor plants in all growth cycles (cloning, vegetative and flowering). 

  • Real Plant Water is a nonplant food ingredient--it does not contain hydrogen peroxide and it will not create salt buildup or nutrient lockout.

The Science and How It Works 

By restructuring water at a molecular level, Real Plant Water revises and revitalizes water by restoring the beneficial NEGATIVE hydrogen ions (H-). 


Aquaporin Water Channel


This is significant because plant cellular aquaporins (aquaporins are little channels that transport water and nutrients through cell walls) let (H-) good water in and keep (H+) bad water out.


The problem with most water is that it has been striped of valuable electrons during filtration, purification and moving through pipes. 


This results in water molecules competing for remaining electrons and clumping together. 


When the molecule is positively charged and clumped, the aquaporin rejects it, and stops it from passing through cellular membrane.


However, water re-energized with Real Plant Water is properly charged (H-), and is readily accepted for maximum absorption by the plant aquaporins.




Electrochemically treated cathode solution, stabilized with trace amount of potassium, magnesium and nano partials of gold and silver.


Container Sizes


Real Plant Water comes in 3 concentrated sizes:


Quart size (makes 66 gallons)
Gallon size (makes 266 gallons)
5 Gallon size




Improve your plants' growth and
yield with
Real Plant Water maximizer:
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Real Water Plant Water Retail Stores Buy Online View Cart Contact Wholesale

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